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  • Service Users Rights

    •   The Service User has a right to know how services shall be provided, who shall provide them, how flexible they may be and what resources are available.

    •   The Service User has a right to ask about the quality of service provided and for their views to be recorded, and if necessary acted upon.

    •   The Service User has the right to make a formal complaint against Prolife Management or its staff. There is a procedure and guidelines for this purpose.

    •   The Service User has the right to be attended to by care staff that have undergone training and be assessed as competent by the relevant person.

    •   The Service User has a right to an advocate and if required an interpreter.

    •   The Service User has a right for this Care Plan to be respected and, to be reviewed in

      the event of new legislation.                                                                                                                                                                 Staff

  • Prolife recognise that for most Service Users the most important people in our organisation are the care workers with whom Service Users will have regular contact.

  •   All Prolife staff shall respect the wishes of the Service User.

  •   Prolife Management and staff are committed to this statement and for adhering to the

    Prolife Code of Practice.

  •   All Prolife staff are given a staff handbook as guidance to the many aspects of administration

    and statuary care requirements. This handbook is updated in line with any new legislation.

  •   All Prolife staff undergo throughout their employment, training, by a qualified training

    consultancy to maximise the quality of service provided to all our Service Users.

Prolife has a commitment of care towards all staff and for each member to be recognised as a valuable

 All Prolife Staff will commence the minimum of NVQ 2 within twelve months of employment. Quality

  •   Prolife shall endeavour to ensure that all criteria relating to the National Minimum Care Standards are satisfied.

  •   The Service Users are entitled to a Care Plan, which will be adhered to and provided by Prolife.

  •   All staff are subject to quarterly supervision and annual appraisal meetings.


  •   Prolife is adequately insured to meet the requirements of Employers and Public Liability.

  •   Prolife staff are warned not to undertake any unsafe manoeuvring of Service Users, and are

    trained in moving and transferring.

  •   Prolife staff will under no circumstances attempt to use broken equipment or furniture.

  •   The Service User is expected to cover insurance for any accidental damage that may occur to

    any object in the Service Users home, or an accident to staff caused by any unsafe object or


  •   Risk assessments are on-going in the Service Users home while staff are in attendance.

    Registered Provider

    The person registered with the Care Quality Commission as the registered manager for Prolife Health Care Services Ltd is:

    Sarah Mkwakwami

    Complaints and Compliments

    Prolife Health Care Services Ltd welcomes feedback on its services, especially from Service Users and their carers’, whether these are compliments, complaints or suggestions for ways of doing things better.

    Service Users should feel free to let the management team working with them have any comments they wish to make. Should the Service User prefer to take up the matter with someone else within the organisation or if they feel that a point that they have made is not being taken seriously or acted on, they can ask to be put in touch with a Senior Manager.

    If anyone feels that Prolife Health Care Services Ltd has not dealt with a complaint to their satisfaction, they have the right to complain to the Commission for Social Care Inspection, which regulates our service.


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