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  • Our Principles

  •   To focus on Service Users.

  •   To provide personal care and health care tasks in ways which have positive outcomes for Service

    Users and promote their active participation.

  •   To work with and under the supervision of other health care professionals, to encourage an ethos

    of cooperation for the benefit of the Service User.

  •   To making the Principles of Good Care fundamental to Prolife’s work.

  •   To ensure we are fit for our purpose.

  •   To examine our operations constantly through a self audit to ensure that we are successfully

    achieving our stated aims and purposes.

  •   To work for the comprehensive welfare of our Service Users.

  •   To provide for each Service User a package of care that contributes to his/her overall personal

    and healthcare needs and preferences.

  •   To co-operate with other services and professionals to help to maximise each Service Users

    independence and to ensure as fully as possible the Service Users maximum participation in the


  •   To meet assessed needs. Before we provide services, we ensure that a potential Service Users

    needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed.

  •   To ensure that the care Prolife  provides meets the assessed needs of each Service User, and

    the needs are reassessed as frequently as necessary.

  •   To ensure that the care and support provided have the flexibility to respond to changing needs or


  •   To provide quality services. We at Prolife are wholeheartedly committed to providing top quality

    services and to continuous improvement in the level of the care we offer.

  •   To employ a quality workforce. Standards for our Managers and Staff are bases on the national

    occupational standards for the care industry set by the National Training Organisation. Nature of Service

    Prolife is able to provide practical help with daily activities, personal, respite care and health care tasks. Prolife has contracts with Trafford and Stockport Social Services and has staff trained to provide support and care for the following: The older person – Physically disabled – Persons with a learning disability – Mental illness – Terminally ill.

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