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Supported Living

Home care services from our family to yours

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Supported Living

We provide personal care and support for people with a range learning disabilities, either in supported living accommodation or in their own homes.

Blossom HCG works closely with specialist housing advisors to ensure that housing and care packages can be tailor made to suit each individual we support. Blossom HCG can provide 24/7 support packages depending on individual needs.

Positive Behaviour Support

Blossom HCG work with specialist PBS therapists. PBS Consultancy adopts person-centred values, which places the individual in the centre of support and develops individualised support around them with the help of all relevant stakeholders.

PBS Consultancy believes all individuals with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour should be supported to live as independently as possible, taking into account their individual needs and circumstances, with the same rights as everybody else to make real choice in their life about where to live, how to spend their time and who to spend time with.

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