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Nursing care

Supporting independent living, whatever your care needs

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Clinical nurses providing nurse-led care. Redefining home care for complex needs.

Prolife HealthCare Services offer a nurse-led and managed, clinical care service to enable individuals with complex conditions the ability to be supported at home. Working with Many clinical commissioning groups across the UK, as well as a network of case managers and solicitors we can supply, responsive, flexible solutions that deliver maximum choice and independence.


Our clinical infrastructure means that we have a Head of Clinical Care and team of registered nurses with a wealth of combined knowledge, professional expertise and community experience across a wide range of clinical conditions. Their specialisms include tracheostomy care, ventilator care, complex continence needs and gastrostomy to include catheter and stoma care. Our nursing care supports across many progressive neurological conditions as well as acquired brain and spinal cord injury.


Managing the whole care process, our clinical team perform full face to face assessments and handpick carefully matched carers and personal assistants  to meet the specific need of each customer. Our clinicians oversee the full training and ongoing support needs and ensure continuity and co-ordination of care through effective carer and customer partnerships. This includes post discharge rehabilitation plans, nutrition and physiotherapy.


What really sets the nursing care team apart is their passion for delivering outcomes to individuals whose needs were deemed perhaps too difficult to support at home. We work collectively with the broader network at Prolife Healthcare and can therefore build teams of care and expertise with and around an individual.

Call us to find out how we can help you and to arrange a free consultation with our nursing care team.

What we offer

 Fully trained carers to help with mobility issues and medication, plus preparing meals, doing daily chores, running errands and even offering companionship.

With the expertise, guidance and extra training from our nursing care team, our carers can also support with:

  • Ventilated care – Nippy, BPAP, CPAP ventilation and suctioning

  • Continence care – including bowel care, catheterisation and bladder washout

  • Tracheostomy care

  • Peg-gastrostomy care – including stoma and urostomy care

  • Insulin injections and blood sugar monitoring

  • Nephrectomy care

  • Parkinson’s treatments – Duodopa or APO-go Pump

  • Cough assist

Cost & Funding

Our prices do depend on the level of support you require, so it’s best to contact us for a quote. Call us today on 0161 928 9402 or request a callback.

Once we’ve spoken over the phone we can arrange for a free consultation in person – at your home, hospital or residential home – so we can confirm the final price.

At Prolife Healthcare, you can be assured of clear pricing and no hidden fees.

Funded packages through the NHS

We regularly work with continuing healthcare (CHC) teams, including clinical leads and nurse assessors, to arrange urgent 24-hour or shifts of visiting care for complex needs.

If you’re a healthcare professional who is looking for a regulated home care provider with years of experience to support your cases, please contact our team

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